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Ravi Singh Twitted – Godi Media Spreads Lies and World Media Continues to Love & Respect Khalsa Aid


Ravi Singh Khalsa Twitted today – “Whilst Godi Media spreads lies about us the world media continues to love & respect @Khalsa_Aid ! Khalsa Aid was featured on U.K. national TV 3 days ago”

As Godi Media tries to spread lies against Khalsha Aid and speaks that Ravi is belongs to Khalistan. For this Ravi Pick his smart phone and twitted against to show the National Media realistic about his Organization.

While tweets, Ravi Singh also uploaded a video where his Organization was featured on United Kingdom National Television. The whole video is dedicated to tribute to charity of 28 anniversary Ravi Singh.

As Farmer Protest is going on Delhi Border still now and The central Government is unable to finales their result on Protest. Where to support Humanity and those people who need help at Delhi Borders Ravi Singh Khalsa the founder of Khalsa Aid has been supporting the Farmers protest .

Why Godi Media Spreading Hate Against Khalsa Aid?

You might have questions that why the Godi Media (India National Media) Spreading Hate Against Khalsa Aid? We’ll tell you why this happened.

As per the resources, the national media want that the support which Farmers are getting overall the world and by the People of India. As Farmers Protest is going on for more than 80 days and the leader Rakesh Tikat had already announced this protest will be going till October.

We wish to Ravi Singh Khalsa Aid for keep going helping others.

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