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Punjabi Dental Society

Punjabi Dental Society Seminars

Are you aware of the Punjabi Dental Society or looking for upcoming events of PSD? If yes then you are in the right place here you will...
Canada Official Language Punjabi

Canada Announced Their Offical Language Punjabi

In Canada, Punjabi has over a 668,535 Population. This is a huge number. After Four years Canadian parliament has confirmed that know their official language is Punjabi...
Bhangra Classes Toronto

Top 5 Punjabi Bhangra Classes in Toronto

Punjabi Bhangra relates to many styles of folk dance and music originating in the Punjab region of India. This dance is usually presented during the Baisakhi festival...
Punjabi dish network and Channel List

Punjabi Dish Network and Punjabi TV Channel

Are you that person who is looking for Punjabi Dish Network or Punjabi TV Channel. If yes, you are in the right place here, we will tell...