How To Join Khalsa Aid?

Ravi Singh the founder of Khalsa Aid organization is a United Kingdom-based kind support charity. The main mission of this charity is that aid and assist those people – floods, earthquakes, hunger, war, who can’t help themself properly.

Ravi Singh and his team members are frequently going there one of the first to distribute such as food, water, clothing, medical and cleanliness stocks. This organization builds semi-permanent shades, if required– anything that’s asked in those early days to save lives, reduce somebody’s immediate suffering, and help secure their dignity.

Most of the people want to know what the full name of Ravi Singh? His real , full name is Ravinder Singh.

Khalsa Aid organization was founded by Ravi Singh, who was hit by the situation of the refugees in Kosovo in 1999?

When Ravi viewed the video of the Kosovan refugees on the story and got motivated by one Sikhism ideology in particular – “Sarbat da Bhalla” meaning “well-being for all” – recognizing the humanity in us all and reaching out to those in need, regardless of race, belief, borders.

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This is short information about Khalsa Aid, Hope you get the right information which you want to know about this organization.

How Can I Join Khalsa Aid?

Most of the people want to join the Khalsa Aid but they don’t the right way to join the team. Below this line I have mentioned how you can also join this organization.

  • First, you need to contact visit Khalsa Aid official site.
  • Next, need to visit their contact page.
  • Then, tell them who you are, what you do, and why do you want to join the team.
  • After That, One of the team members will contact you soon.
  • Finally. You will be a team member of this organization

If you want to join the Khalsa Aid International then there are two ways. First is that either you can visit contact but or You can msg their social media accounts msg them.

Khalsa Aid Contact Information and Social Media Accounts

Social MediaProfiles
Email Id
Phone Number0044 (0) 1753 567 457

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