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Laung Laachi 2 Review – Love Triangle With Comedy Story

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Laung Laachi 2 Review: Finally, the much-awaited movie Laung Laachi 2 has been released in theaters. The audience were waiting for this movie you know why because it 2nd part of the movie with high expectations from Amberdeep Singh, Ammy Virk, and Neeru Bajwa back again.Laung Laachi 2 Movie Review

Directed by:  Amberdeep Singh
Written by: Amit Sumit, Khushbir Makna, Amandeep Kaur, Amberdeep Singh
Starring: Ammy Virk, Amberdeep Singh, Neeru Bajwa, Jaswinder Brar, Amar Noorie, Gurmeet Sajan, Sahib Singh, Kuldeep Sharma, Sukhwinder Raj, Gurdail Paras, Pawan Johal, Navkiran, Preet Kiran, Jashanjit Gosha, Harjeet Walia, Jaswinder Makruana, Santosh Malhotra, Rajinder Kaur Dani. 

Background Music: Gurmeet Singh

Lyrics: Harmanjeet Singh, Pavitar Lassol, Kavvy Riyaaz, Vinder Nathumajra

Laung Laachi 2 Story

Laung Laachi 2 Review

A Muslim family is being threatened by the communal forces to leave their Haveli in order to move to Pakistan during the 1947 Partition. A thug of Hindu descent is determined to get the Haveli removed from the Muslim family. 

The Haveli’s occupants decide to protect themselves by attempting to drive away the thug, who has moved in with his family and is claiming ghosts. He soon learns the truth and starts to sympathize with the family because of their beautiful, educated daughter Mariam. 

The two of them fall in love just as another family, which are Sikhs fleeing Pakistan, moves into the Haveli based on the assumption that they were given the Haveli during the 1947 riots. The Sikh son, Mariam, and the thug form a love triangle. The suspenseful conclusion of the story reveals the identity and role of the Sikh cop as the protagonist.

Laung Laachi 2 Review

The movie story begins on a funny note with Mariam  playing a character (Neeru Bajwa) and her family hiding under their Haveli during the 1947 riots. They are trying to use a supernatural trick to drive Amberdeep Singh (thug) and his family from their home. The plot is set in the 1947 Partition. Amberdeep Singh, the writer, has added a lot of brotherhood messages to the film.

The Amberdeep Singh (thug) becomes Mariam’s protector and not an adversary who tries to take her property. Mariam, a pretty, erudite woman, falls for the illiterate man. Although Amberdeep and Neeru are both mature actors, the screen chemistry between them is not there.

 Ammy Virk, the Pakistani Sikh family member, enters the story as Amberdeep and Neeru. It is then that one can feel the sparks between them. While Neeru retains her acting skills, she plays the role of the literary Mariam in this period drama. Ammy, a mature character with deep character and a sane demeanor, is now the village bumpkin.

The characters are not well-written for this script, and the actors are only able to do justice to it because they are skilled actors. With its classic costumes and melodious music and heavy-weight cast, the film could have been a masterpiece. 

The overtly social messages delivered by the three communities of Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh and their forced living together due to their love for Mariam, also kill the narrative.

Comedy is created by the large number of characters who live together in one Haveli and also those from different communities. 

Although the screenplay plays well the resulting chaos and clashes and subtle ethnic jokes between each other are very funny, but they do not make the situation funny.

With its suspenseful and exposed ending, the climax is what saves much of the film’s disappointment. It’s a shame that it isn’t as memorable in my memory, and doesn’t match the success of its predecessor film.


The well-seen attention to detail was good in many parts of the India 1947 Partition. The visual teamwork works heavily on the looks of the film to give the film a retro and old-style feel of high quality. But in some areas, it looked like colors were missing (talking about the camera’s RAW file which is less saturated).

Songs and Background Music

From Laung Laachi 2 Movie audience have high expectations songs as some of the songs has people really love it but few songs were not up to the mark which 1st part had.

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