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Mastaney Movie Review: An Epic Tale of Legendary Valour of Sikhs Stunning Performance

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Mastaney movie review:  The wait of nearly four years is coming to an end with the release of the Punjabi film Mastaney which has proven to be worth the wait. The film’s makers may have delayed us a little longer, but they have created an excellent execution of the regular drama that has carved its mark in the minds of viewers, their hearts, and souls while delivering to the pre-set expectations. Punjab is a state of India with an amazing rich, affluent, and courageous heritage, yet we’ve only watched a small number of films based on the history of Punjab. In a departure from the norm, Tarsem Jassar & co. is set to make “Mastaney,” an epic period drama that is based on the infamous battle between the braveheart Sikhs against the brutal 18th-century conqueror and ruler of Iran Nader Shah. We’ve seen this amazing film and have written this Mastaney review for you. So, take a look and give it the time to read it.

Mastaney Movie Review

Mastaney Movie Review We have watched the film Mastaney and prepared the full review, with sufficient details and fewer spoilers to aid you in making your choice to view the film on large screens when it is possible.

Star Cast: Tarsem Jassar, Karamjit Anmol, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Honey Mattu, Baninder Bunny, Simi Chahal, Rahul Dev, Avtar Gill, Arif Zakaria

Director: Sharan Art

Rating: 4.5


The story centers around the history of Sikhs who were a threat to Nadar Shah as well as his army of unbeatable strength in the battle for Delhi. Nadar Shah is blamed by Zakaria Khan, and Zakaria Khan claims to be innocent and shifts the blame onto Sikhs. Zakaria is then asked to display the Sikhs in front of Nadar to prove his innocence, and to do this, he employs five normal men to portray Sikh Rebellions. They are not aware of Sikhs. However, the one, Gurpreet Ghuggi’s character, knows about and is able to teach them everything. Over time, what they learn and the way they fight are all revealed on the screen. This is a very needed story that was required to be told in a way to pay homage to our rich past. The story moves slowly but it is effective. The first part of the film is focused on the setting of the story and is stretched. The second part begins slow but picks up speed nicely toward the thrilling and exciting climax.


Let’s talk about the acting performances in our Mastaney Movie review. The characters from all that make up the Sikh Rebellions (Tarsem Jassar Gurpreet Ghiggi, Karamjit Anmol, Honey Mattu & Baninder Bunny) are the center of attention and have shown not only their versatility but also demonstrated their talent through their best performances to today. The way they’ve changed their appearance with seriousness from the common person to a brave Sikh over the course of time is remarkable and is evident by the shift in personality, moods, and attitudes they display throughout. Their stern gaze and body language are evident indicators of their astonished change of heart toward Sikhs. Rahul Dev Avtar Gill and Arif Zakaria have perfectly performed their characters as Mughal Emperors and their trusted friends. The most deserved praise is due to Rahul Dev who put on an incredibly captivating role as Nadar Shah. Simi Chahal also an important contribution to the show with her exemplary performance.


Mastaney offers a simple but enjoyable playlist. Shehzada Shehzada is a track in the film that’s very enjoyable. However, we felt that the film was lacking an adrenaline-pumping song. The BGM for the film is excellent, however.


The stunning visuals of the film have captivated the world by its stunning execution. it brings the feeling of real to the production, giving an amazing cinematic experience that has never ever been seen in a Punjabi film before. The direction is top-quality as well. Sharan Art has performed an outstanding job giving life to his vision. The director of photography Jayepe Singh has done a superb capture of the essence and the beauty of each scene.     Traditional costumes, the picturesque designs for the locations, and the use of appropriate accents and languages all are perfect as there has never been any compromise to any extent to create a flawless film.


It’s time to end this Mastaney movie review with our final words about the film. It’s true that Mastaney is among those films that the fans wanted. It celebrates the rich historical background of Sikhs and Punjab. This is why Team Trend Punjab rates Mastaney 4.5 Stars out of five. The decrease in the rating is due to the lengthy screenplay and slow motion. Mastaney is an excellent movie to enjoy. Make sure book your tickets in advance and then enjoy.

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