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Buhe Bariyan Review: Stellar Performances Empower Women

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Buhe Bariyan Review:  The wait of nearly over for women possess Neeru Bajwa’s feminist-meets-feminine film Buhe Bariyan is finally hitting the silver screens in a full-blown entertainment offering that is full of emotion, drama, laughter as well as valuable lessons and more. Following Neeru Bajwa’s Kali Jota movie as well as Chal Jindiye movie Buhe Bariyan is released worldwide in cinema theaters.

Trend Punjabi team has watched it and prepared a thorough review, giving you the right details with fewer spoilers which will convince your mind to stream it on large screens immediately.

Buhe Bariyan Review

Buhe Bariyan Punjabi movie is an artistic gem, combining captivating storytelling and powerful performances. The film is set against an oppressive society, the film delves deep into societal norms, feminism, and resilience. From the flawless portrayal of the character of Neeru Bajwa to Nirmal Rishi to the ethereal music compositions, each aspect is a part of the narrative. Explore our comprehensive review to discover the subtleties of this exciting drama.

Buhe Bariyan Review

Star Cast: Neeru Bajwa, Nirmal Rishi, Rubina Bajwa, Jatinder Kaur, Simran Chahal, Seema Kaushal, Rupinder Rupi, Gurpreet Bhangu, Baljinder Kaur, Dharminder Kaur.

Director: Uday Pratap Singh 

Rating: 4

1. Acting & Dialogues:

In terms of performances, “Buhe Bariyan” is an exhibit of talent. On the front is the enthralling Neeru Bajwa, who plays the role of Prem Kaur. Her performance is stunning. This isn’t the Neeru Bajwa that we have seen in the past The character’s depth as well as subtleties have been beautifully captured which makes us wish she could have the opportunity to screen more.

But, Nirmal Rishi steals the spotlight with her stunning performance. Every time she appears with the camera, she has us stunned, and we wonder how she can consistently put on such amazing performances. 

This film is also backed by the impressive performances of Rubina Bajwa Gurpreet Bhangu Anita Meet, Seema Kaushal Jatinder Kaur Rupinder Rupi as well as other actors, creating an impressive array of acting talent.

2. Direction:

Uday Pratap Singh, along with the team has performed an amazing job controlling the direction of the film. Given the vast and skilled cast, juggling these dynamics could quickly become too much. 

The film, however, did not feel rushed or over-the-top. While there were some issues that felt rushed, especially the screenplay in the middle, the plot was a bit confused and Neeru Bajwa’s brief screen time was an opportunity missed. If a few adjustments were made the film could have become the perfect directional masterpiece.

3. Songs & Background Music:
Hearing the music from the film in the theater enhances the entire ambiance. Every song is carefully placed in a perfect alignment with the scenes, increasing the emotional impact of the scene. Background music created by Kevin Roy, seamlessly flows along with the story and keeps the audience captivated throughout.

4. Visuals:
The style and design of “Buhe Bariyan” remind us of the orange and teal tones that are seen in a variety of Hollywood shows. 

But what makes it different is its remarkable execution of special effects, graphics as well and additional visual components. The care and attention to detail are obvious, which makes it an eye-catching experience for the viewers.

5. Story:
The film’s heart is in the middle. the movie, and its tale is a powerful commentary on women’s rights in the context of the patriarchal culture. The plot is centered around Bhuro Bebe (Nirmal Rishi) and her constant efforts to empower and assist women who are oppressed. 

As the story unfolds, through her decision to run in the Sarpanchi elections, and the obstacles she confronts, we’re in the loop, waiting for her next decision. Although the story takes unexpected twists, its originality and its powerful message on women’s rights and issues make it powerful. Certain plot twists and turns within the middle of the story could be more streamlined however the conclusion makes up for any minor mistakes.

In conclusion:
“Buhe Bariyan” is a mix of compelling performances, captivating narrative, soulful music, and stunning visuals. It’s more than entertainment, it also sparks a debate about the role of women and society’s expectations. Although it does have its small flaws, it is certain to appeal to a wide audience and is worth a look.

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