Most of us have seen that our father and mother watched the old Punjabi movie. When we were children, But at that time we don’t understand the Punjabi movie’s concept now you might grown-up who’s reading this article. Now it’s time for you to watch those best old Punjabi movies that you must watch in your life once with your family.

There are many movies you should watch. If we talk about Punjabi movies then there is everything that is what a Punjabi audience is looking in movies like – Comedy, Action, Story, Romance, and Fun. Those movies were fantastic. The fight scenes made people so excited that they got up from their seats and shouted in Cinemas.

Looking back for a long time, people were eagerly waiting for Punjabi films. Theaters were usually jam-packed, with a lot of filmmakers. Today I will share your Best Old Punjabi movies with you.

List of Old Punjabi Movies

1 Mamla Garbar Hai (1984)

Mamla Garbar Hai old Punjabi movie got popularity for their Punjabi songs. The main character of the movie was Reputed Gurdas Maan, Diljit Kaur, and Mehar Mittal. The Punjabi song which got viral was all over the world Manila Garbar Hai, which sang by him

When Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan had sung this Mamla Garbar Hai at that most people were listening to this song in a day 8 to 10 times. I know many of you thinking why because this song is had good lyrics, competition, and music. The movie story goes around a rich girl who falls in love with a poor man but an educated person. She fought against her father to marry him.

2 Bhangra-1959

The Bhangra old Punjabi movie had gained a lot of fame popularity in the era of 1960. This movie had vintage beauty with actress Manju and Nishi was in the lead role of Bhangra movie.

This movie totally packed with entertainment and Punjabi songs which you must listen to them. In the era of 59, every child was singing songs of the Bhangra movie because all the songs have great music in which people love it. I have mentioned a few songs which you can listen to Once.

  1. Rabb Na Kare
  2. Batti Bal Ke
  3. Been Na Wajaeen Mundia
  4. Ambiaan De Booteaan Te
  5. Chitte Dand Hasno Nahio Rehnde
  6. Mull Wikda Sajjan Mil Jaave
  7. Jatt Kurhian Ton Darda Maara (Bolian)

3 Man Jite Jagg Jeet (1973)

This was the religious movie, As you might guess by reading the movie name Man Jite Jagg Jeet. The movie lead roles were Sunil Dutt, Ranjit, and Radha Saluja. As you know a movie without song can’t get successful the music was given by Asha Boshle, Suman Kalyanpur, and Mohammed Rafi the legend of the music industry in India.

If we talk about the movie story goes around the a kind hearted woman who got kidnapped due to infamous bandit he woman for long time.

4 Chan Pardesi 1981

This was the most popular old Punjabi movie and won many awards in the 19 eras. There were many Bollywood stars who made their debut in the Hindi cinema because this movie had everything which a pure movie wanted to be. The main lead was Raj Babar, Amresh Puri, Om Puri, and Rama Vij.

Chan Pardesi movie was released in the month of July and the year 1981. This movie had won the national film awards and make a big success. This was the main reason for gaining this popularity movie. Just ask your father and grandmother about this Chan Pardesi movie.

5 Mahaul Theek Hai 1999

Manual Theek Hai

Mahual Theek Hai Movie was Directed, Written, Produced, and Main Star Cast by Jaspal Bhatti. If you are Punjabi then you knew what’s the meaning of Mahual Theek Hai. If you don’t know what’s the meaning I’ll tell you is that (the situation is okay). The story concept of this movie was corruption in the system of India. How people take a bribe to get their work done Immediately.

Let me share with you other lead actor of this movie were Raj Babar, Daljit Kaur, Asha Sharma, Chandni Toor, Sunil Grover and B N Sharma. He is accused of killing a politician in exchange for money so that the police can close the file. Every situation that should look serious is full of jokes and humor which is a trademark of the furnace.

6 Putt Jattan De

Putt Jattan De movie was highest grossing Punjabi movie in 1983. Where lead star cast of the movie were Dharmendra, Rupinder Gill, Makhan Singh, Dajleet Kaur, Prakash Gill and many popular superstar were there in this list. Might this could be the reason this movie earned a lot of fame.

The movie story was all about two young men fall in love with same women An enmity grows with a woman they both loves. Besides, the music of Surinder Shinda and Mohammad Sadiq is truly soul-stirring.

7 Jee Aayan Nu (2003)

Jee Aayan Nu

This was the movie which made too famous Harbhjan Mann in the Punjabi cinema. We know even he sings really great Punjabi songs but although Jee Ayana Nu Punjabi movie made him a next level Punjabi super star at that time.

Jee Aayan Nu movie story all about Romantic and comedy as well. The Simran from Canada and Inder from Punjab both of them really love each other a lot. Simran came here Punjab to look Punjab rich culture and moreover the history of Punjab. Where she found Inder and fall in love with him.

There were many super-duper hit Punjabi stars like – Gurpreet Ghuggi, Kanwaljeet Singh, Priya Gill, Vivek, and Harbhajan Mann. The movie was released in the year 2002.

8 Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai 1969

Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai movie which based on true events which happened in Amritsar Punjab. As you have read the movie name then you get the idea what’s the movie all about it. It’s a devotional movies and won national award in 1980 era.

Start cast Prithvi Raj Kapoor, I.S.Johar, Nishi, and Vimi in the lead roles. You might know this Old Punjabi movie released again back in 2015 and gained much popularity. Even the movie songs got remember nowadays as well

  • Mitter Pyare Noon
  • Deh Shiva Var Mohe
  • Bissar Gayi Sab Tat Parayi
  • Hum Maile Tum Ujjal Karte
  • Mere Sahib Mere Sahib
  • Guran Ik Deh Buj Hai
  • Re Man Ayso Kar Sanyasa
  • Kal Taran Guru Nanak Aya
  • LavaHar Chouthari Lan
  • Miti Dundh Jag Chanan Hoya

9 Long Da Lishkara

A super-duper hit Punjabi movie main lead character of the movie are Raj Babar, Om Puri, Gurdas Maan, and Nirmal Rishi. She had won the lifetime achievement from PTC Punjabi. The movie story all about a Raj movie character who lives in Canada and came back after 15 years to Punjab his home town and he falls in love with their housemaid.

When Raj family got to know about this things they got shocked and angry to him. Some how he convinced his family to married with preetoo

10 Shaheed E Mohabbat Boota Singh (1999)

As you have read about this Punjabi movie title Shaheed E Mohabbat Boota Singh. It’s also based on true events on Boota Singh. Who had serving himself in front of the line border? When he came to his home town the riot’s made exploded with bomb and blast.

Later, Zainab, being a Muslim, was sent to nascent Pakistan. Boota entered Pakistan illegally and when the girl came under pressure from her family, she and her daughter committed suicide by jumping in front of a train near Shahdara station in Pakistan. She survived but some people told another story about the incident. tell. This was a short overview of this old Punjabi movie.

Now it’s your turn

I hope you like these movies which I have mentioned above 10 best old Punjabi movies which you should watch once in your life. If you want to add your favourite movies in this list then feel free to name your comment your movie name. We will definitely add your old Punjabi movie in this list.

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