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Sikh Calendar Festival and Gurupurabs Date Nanakshahi

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Till 13th of March, 1998, the Sikhs community accepted a Hindu lunar calendar to manage their festival days. But Sikh People now have their own Nanakshahi calendar which began on 14 March 1999 Gregorian (1 Chet 531 Nanakshahi ) and adjusts with the Gregorian calendar as follows. The period (1 Chet 1 Nanakshahi) is the date of the origin of the 1st Guru Nanak Dev, in Punjab in 1469. Although there is an apparent correlation with the Hindu Solar Calendar, the Sikh Organization declares that these dates are fixed applicable to the Gregorian Calendar.

Sikh MonthStart
Chet March 15
VaisakhApril 15
JethMay 15
HarhJune 15
SawanJuly 15
BhadonAugust 15
AsuSeptember 15
KatikOctober 15
MagharNovember 15
PohDecember 15
MaghJanuary 15
PhaganFebruary 15

Gurupurabs and Festivals

Apart from Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday, which is celebrated on the Katak full moon according to the Hindu lunar calendar, the Nanakshahi calendar is used for all Guru forms (ceremonies celebrated in the lives of the Gurus).

Events like Magh and Hola Mohalla are celebrated according to the respective calendar. Some Gurupravas are considered more important than others. These are the ones that usually appear as holidays and are marked as bold type.

Gurpurab represents the rise of the morning Pheris, the morning religious procession that goes to the fields singing the words. These boats usually start three weeks before the festival. Devotees serve sweets and tea as pilgrims pass through their homes. (Sikh Calendar)

The ceremonies begin with a three-day Akhara Marg, in which the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book of the Sikhs) is read from beginning to end without a break. The end of the reading coincides with the day of the festival. In all the villages or towns, a procession decorated with flowers has been taken out in a procession of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Five armed guards representing the Panj Piarinas lead the procession of Nishan Shaib (Sikh flag). Local bands play religious music and school children are a special part of the procession. Regardless of religious beliefs, everyone is provided with free sweets and Langar (low community nitty lunch).

Local volunteers serve it with a sense of service and service. Sikhs visit gurdwaras where special programs are held and kirtan is sung. Homes and Gurudwaras are published to add to the festivals

Gurupurab Guru SahibNanakshahiCE
Parkash Utsav Guru Gobind Singh Sahib23 Poh5 Jan
Parkash Utsav Guru Har Rai Sahib19 Magh31 Jan
Gurgadi Guru Har Rai Sahib1 Chet14 Mar
Nanakshahi New Year1 Chet14 Mar
Hola Muhalla1 Chet14 Mar
Jotijot Guru Hargobind Sahib6 Chet19 Mar
Parkash Guru Nanak Sahib *1 Vaisakh14 Apr
Khalsa Day – Vaisakhi1 Vaisakh14 Apr
Jotijot Guru Angad Sahib3 Vaisakh16 Apr
Gurgadi Guru Amar Das Sahib3 Vaisakh16 Apr
Jotijot Guru Harkrishan Sahib3 Vaisakh16 Apr
Gurgadi Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib3 Vaisakh16 Apr
Parkash Guru Angad Sahib5 Vaisakh18 Apr
Parkash Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib5 Vaisakh18 Apr
Parkash Guru Arjun Sahib19 Vaisakh2 May
Parkash Guru Amar Das Sahib9 Jeth23 May
Gurgadi Guru Hargobind Sahib28 Jeth11 Jun
Martyrdom Guru Arjun Sahib2 Harh16 Jun
Parkash Guru Hargobind Sahib21 Harh5 Jul
Miri-Piri Day Guru Hargobind Sahib6 Sawan21Jul
Parkash Guru Harkrishan Sahib8 Sawan23Jul
First Parkash Guru Granth Sahib17 Bhadon1 Sep
Jotijot Guru Amar Das Sahib2 Asu16 Sep
Gurgadi Guru Ramdas Sahib2 Asu16 Sep
Jotijot Guru Ramdas Sahib2 Asu16 Sep
Gurgadi Guru Arjun Sahib2 Asu16 Sep
Gurgadi Guru Angad Sahib4 Asu18Sep
Jotijot Guru Nanak Sahib8Asu22 Sep
Parkash Guru Ramdas Sahib25 Asu9 Oct
Jotijot Guru Har Rai Sahib6 Katik20 Oct
GurgadiGuru Harkrishan Sahib6 Katik20 Oct
Gurgadi Guru Granth Sahib6 Katik20 Oct
Jotijot Guru Gobind Singh Sahib7Katik21 Oct
Gurgadi Guru Gobind Singh Sahib11 Maghar24 Nov
Martyrdom Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib11 Maghar24 Nov
Martyrdom Elder Sahibzadas8 Poh21 Dec
Martyrdom Younger Sahibzadas13 Poh26 Dec

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