Many of us like to watch movies, but every person has a different preference to watch a movie. Some people love to watch Entertainment movies, Few people love to watch Action/fighting movies however there are numerous people who parallel to watch Punjabi Movies so in this article, you will read about what are the names of the movie of upcoming Punjabi movies 2019 list.

Here is the list of Upcoming Punjabi Movies 2019

Upcoming Punjabi Movies 2019 in January

  • Movie Name – Dulla Valley
  • Star Cast Names- Gurpreet Ghuggi, Guggu Gill, Sarbjeet Cheema
  • Releasing Date – 4 January 2019
  • Director Name – Devi Sharma
  • Produced Name – Malkeet Butter
  • 2nd Movie Name – Ishqa
  • Star Cast Names – Aman Deep Singh, Karamjit Anmol, Payal Rajput & Nav Bajwa
  • Director Name – This movie is Director by Nav Bajwa
  • Producer Name – This movie is also produced by Nav Bajwa
  • Releasing Date – 4 January 2019

3rd Movie Name Do Dooni Panj

  • Star Cast Names – Amrit Maan, Rana Ranbir, Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sangha, Nirmal Rishi & Sardar Shoi are the main character in this movie
  • Directed Name Hary Bhatti
  • Produced Name – Badsha (House Apra Films)
  • Releasing Date – 11 January
  • Story Plot – Do Dooni Panj is basically a man has completed his schooling, graduation & master degree, however, he wanted to job but he was unable to get the job so he thought that why I amn’t able to get my job than his friend gave him a bit of advice you should fight with our education system and he fought with education system this is an overall story of Do Dooni Panj Movie hope you like this movie.

4th movie of January name is Kaka Ji

  • Director Name=Mandeep Benipal
  • Star Cast Name – Dev Kahourd, Gurmeet Sajjan, Lucky Dhaliwal Dheraj Kumar Ashish Dugal & Aarushi Sharma these are the main character of Kaka Ji movie
  • Produced by – Ravneet Kaur Chahal and Rajesh Kumar
  • Story Written by Gill Rautna Music by Gurmeet Singh and Laddi Gill
  • Releasing Date on January 18, 2019
  • Story Plot – Kaka Ji movie is all about the 1990s when there was a prominent gang Kalle Kache wala. Kaka Ji is the son of Kartar Singh. He falls in love with a young girl whose name is Deepi she belongs to Brar’s family. The story turned with when Kaka Ji Trapped by a prominent gang the main focus is how he can get out of the trapped.

Upcoming Punjabi Movies February 2019

  • Movie Name – Kake Da Viah
  • Star Cast Names – Jordan Sandhu, Parbhjot Grewal, Karamjit Anmol & Nirmal Rishi
  • Directed by Raj Yuvraj Bains
  • Produced by Babe.Inc
  • Releasing Date on 1st February 2019
  • Story Plot- A Punjabi boy who wanted to marry his lover but he wasn’t married to her because his family member was not agreed to marry his choice. His mother wanted to wedlock with her own choice and her grandmother thought parallel to mother.that’s the big trouble in this movie.

2nd Movie Name is Uda Aida

  • Releasing Date – 1 Feb 2019
  • Star Cast Names – Tarsem Jassar, Neeru Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi. Karamjit Anmol and B.N Sharma these are the main lead of Uda Ada movie
  • Director of Movie –  Ksshitij Chaudhary Music By Gurcharan Singh
  • Producer By Velhi Janta Records

3rs movie name is Kala Sha Kala

  • Releasing Date – 8 Feb 2019
  • Star Cast Name are these Binnu Dhillon, Jordan Sandhu, Jaswinder Bhalla, B.N. Shama, Karamjit Anmol & Sargun Mehta.
  • Directed By Amarjit Singh
  • Produced By Naughty Men Production’s
  • Story Plot – In the movie of Kala Sha Kala, a person looks likes black his face color his black. His age is something around above 25 he wants to an exquisite girl but in his destiny, he didn’t find anyone however after 2 three he found a generous girl who looks beautiful. At the beginning of the story she didn’t ready to marry him but the end of the story……………….. I want your answer will she marry him?

Movie Name High-End Yaariyan

  • Star Cast Names are Ranjit Bawa, Jassi Gill. Gurnam Bhullar & Ninja
  • Director Name is Pankaj Batra
  • Producer By Pankaj Batra
  • Releasing Date 22 Feb 2019
  • Movie Story = is all about yaariyan there are 3 people who want to massive money. They all want to be the richest person in the world. One day what happened they met with each other and they became a best friend forever somehow their friendship didn’t take long term friendship and they became enemies.

Upcoming Punjabi Movies of March 2019

  • Movie name- Gudiyan Patole
  • Star Cast = Gurnam Bhullar, Sonam Bajwa, Nirmal Rishi
  • Director Name Vijay Kumar Arora
  • Village Studio Film
  • Releasing Date 8 March 2019
  • Story Plot = A pendu man falls in love with Urban Girls who live in out of India but at the beginning of the story girl doesn’t love to him however there is twist the grandmother makes their relationship in a very decent way.
Rabb Da Radio 2 Full Movie
Rabb Da Radio 2 Full Movie
  • Rabb Da Radio 2 Movie
  • Star Cast Name – Tarsem Jassar, Simmi Chala Ranjit Bawa, Wammi Quabi Nirmal Rishi & B.N Sharma
  • Director Name – Sharan Art
  • Producer Names Manpreet Johal and Anshu Munish Shani (Velhi Janta Films)
  • Releasing Date – 29 March 2019
  • Story Plot This is the 2nd part of this Rabb Da Radio movie which is written by Jass Grewal the story is all about old Punjabi Movies, The Director might want to show that what is the mentality of old people

Upcoming Punjabi Movies of April 2019

  • Movie Name Munda Faridkotia
  • Star Cast Name Roshan Prince, Karamjit Anmol & Rupinder Rupi
  • Director Name is Mandeep Singh Chala
  • Produce By Dalmora Films PVT.LTD
  • Releasing Date 5 April 2019
  • Movie Name Manje Bistre 2
  • Star Cast Names are Gippy Grewal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol, B.N. Sharma Hobi Dhaliwal Sardar Sohi, and many more famous Punjabi superstars are playing role in this movie
  • Releasing Date 12 April 2019
  • Director Name Baljit Singh Duo
  • Produce By Humble Motion Picture
  • Story Plot = Basically this sequel of Manje Bistre movie this the 2n part of Manje Bistre 2 as you have noticed by this title the story wonder around they just collect Manje bistre in Canada earlier it was in Inda But now they collected Manje Bistre in Canada have you watched this movie let me known in the comment box?
  • Movie Name Blackyia
  • Star cast Devkahroud
  • Director Name – Sukminder Dhanjanl
  • Producer Name Vivek Ohri

Upcoming Punjabi Movies in May 2019

  • The movie name is – Muklawa Punjabi Movie
  • Star Cast Names – Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, B.N. Sharma & Karamjit Anmol are the main lead in Muklawa upcoming Punjabi movie
  • Director name – Simarjit Singh
  • Produce by Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu
  • The initial date releasing is 24 May 2019
Muklawa Punjabi movie
  • Movie name Dil Diyana Gallan
  • Star Cast Name – Parmish Verma &Wamiqa Qabbi
  • Releasing Date Note Yet announced
  • Director name Parmish Verma
  • Producer Name – Pitra Movies and Speed Records
  • Story Plot – Dil Diyana Gallan upcoming Punjabi Film is basically a Romantic and Action movie.
Dil Diyan Gallan

Upcoming Punjabi Movies in June 2019

  • Movie name is Shada
  • Star Cast Name – Diljit Dosanjh & Neeru Bajaay
  • Director Name Jagdeep Sidhu
  • Producer Name – Atul Bhalla, Amit Bhalla, Anurag Singh & Pawan Gill
  • Releasing Date – 24 June 2019
  • About the movie – After a long time, Diljit & Neeru Bajwa are going to do a movie whose name is you already know about it.
  • Movie name Mindo Taseldarni
  • Star Cast Name- Kavita Kaushik, Rajvir Jawanda, Jaswinder Bhalla & Karamjit Anmol
  • Director and Story Written By Avtar Singh
  • Producer Names Karamjit Production & Rajvir Jawanda Production house
  • Releasing date 28 June 2019
  • About the Mindo Taseldarni, the movie is an old Punjabi movie

Upcoming Punjabi Movies in July 2019

  • Movie Name Ladu Barfi
  • Star cast name – Roshan Prince & Karamjit Anmol
  • Written & Director Name by Avtar Singh
  • Releasing Date – 5 July 2019
  • Producer Name- Simarjit Singh
  • 2nd movie is Kitty Party
  • Star Cast Names – Jaswinder Bhalla, Nav Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi & Karamjit Anmol
  • Director Name Nav Bajwa
  • Produce By Jageet Singh Arri
  • Movie Name is Ashke 2
  • Star Cast Names – Amrinder Gill, Jaswinder Bhalla
  • Director – Yet no confirmation
  • Producer = Rhythm Boyz Production house
  • Releasing Date – 26 July 2019
  • Movie Name Munda Hi Chahida
  • Star Cast Names – Harish Verma & Rubina Bajwa
  • Director Names – Santosh Subhash Thite Deepak Thaper
  • Producer Names are Neeru Bajwa Ankit Vijan Navdeep Narula Gurjit Singh Santosh Subhash Thite
Munda Hi Chahida Punjabi Movie
Munda Hi Chahida

Upcoming Punjabi Movies in August

  • Movie Name – DSP DEV
  • Star Cast Names – Dev Kharoud Prakash Raj Ramaya Krishna & Rakul Preet Singh
  • Director Name is Mandeep Benipal
  • Produce By Dream Reality Production house
  • Releasing Date – 2 August 2019
  • About Story, in this movie, Dev Kharoud first time became a DSP in the movie. He wanted to resolve all the patch up in his village somehow he didn’t try to complete his task at the end of the story he solved all the problems which he was facing.
  • Movie Name – Chal Mera Putt
  • Star Cast Name – Amrinder Gill, Simmi Chahal, Nasir Chinyoti Iftikhar Thakur
  • Director Name – Janjot Singh
  • Producer Name – Karaj Gill
  • Movie Name Naukar Vahuti Da
  • Star Cast Names – Binnu Dhillon, Ranjit Bawa Upasana Singh & Kulraj Randhawa
  • Director Name Sameep Kang
  • Production Name Omjee Production & Sameep Kang
  • Releasing Date 12 August 2019
Naukar Vahuti Da
  • Movie Name Surkhi Bindi
  • Star Cast Names – Gurnam Bhullar & Sonam Bajwa
  • Director Name Jagdeep Sidhu
  • Producer Name – Yet not announced
  • Releasing Date 30 August 2019

Upcoming Punjabi Movies September 2019

  • Movie – Saak Punjabi Movie
  • Star Cast – Jobanpreet Singh and Mandy Takhar
  • Director Name – Kamaljeet Singh
  • Producer Name – Jatinder Jay Minhas & Rupinder Preet Minhas.
  • Movie Release Date – 6 September 2019
Saak Punjabi Movie
Saak Punjabi Movie
  • Movie Name – Nanka Mel
  • Star Cast Names – Rubina Bajwa, Roshan Prince & Nirmal Rishi
  • Releasing Date 6 September 2019
  • Producer Name Omjeet Movie Production
Television Punjabi Movie
  • Movie Name – Television Punjabi Movie
  • Star Cast – Kulwinder Billa and Mandy Takhar
  • Director Name – Taj
  • Producer Name – Pushpinder Kaur
  • Releasing Date – 13 September 2019
Nikka Zaildar 3
Nikka Zaildar 3 Poster
  • Movie Name – Nikka Zaildar 3 Punjabi Movie
  • Cast – Ammy Virk, Nirmal Rishi, Nisha Bano, and Wamiqa Gabbi
  • Director – Simarjeet Singh
  • Releasing Date – 20 September 2019
Daaka movie Gippy Grewal

Upcoming Punjabi Movies September 2019

  • Daaka Movie
  • Actor -Gippy Grewal
  • Actors – Zareen Khan
  • Director – Baljeet Singh Deo
  • Producer -Gulshan Kumar, Krishan KumarGippy Grewal, and Ravneet
  • Daaka Movie Release Date 11 Sept 2019

Upcoming Punjabi Movies October 2019

  • Unni Ikki Punjabi Movie
  • Starring – Jagjeet Sandhu, Karamjit Anmol, Sawan Rupowali
  • Director – Kaypee Gill, Livtar Singh
  • Movie Genre – Comedy & Romantic
  • Release Date – 18 October 2019

Unni Ikki Movie
Unni Ikki Movie
  • Movie Name – Jinde Meriye
  • Star Cast – Parmish Verma & Sonam Bajwa
  • Director – Pankaj Batra
  • Releasing Date – 25 October 2019
  • Movie –Tara Mira
  • Star Cast–Ranjit Bawa, Nazia Hussain, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Sudesh Lehri
  • Director –Rajiv Singla
  • Release Date – 11 October 2019

These all are upcoming Punjabi movies that will be released in 2019 years. I knew you are curious to watch these movies I hope you like this information and tell me which movie your going to watch in a theater

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