Thursday, June 1, 2023

Satinder Satti Expresses Her Anger on Black Marketing for Oxygen Cylinder

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Satinder Satti Shared a video on her social media accounts and expresses her anger on black marketing for oxygen cylinder. Watch her video.

The deadly coronavirus is spreading day by day. Along with this pandemic, people are losing their lives because of bad systems. A severe shortage of oxygen has hit the country like a major crisis.

Bad news has come out from Chamarajanagar in Karnataka. In the last 24 hours, 24 patients died due to lack of oxygen at the district hospital here. Of these, 23 were corona positive patients.

This lack of oxygen is also due to some time period. Because some people have started blackmailing oxygen and drugs so that they can earn fat. Satinder Satti.

A well-known personality of Punjabi industry, is angry about such black money. She shared a video in which she reprimanded oxygen blacks.

“I am deeply saddened to see so many people being cremated,” she said in the video. The biggest thing is that we are not able to help the people. There is such a big anger on the people. In such situations we should help the people.

Satinder Satti has also said that in such a situation some people remain enemies of humans. At a time when people are dying, some people have to make money. What a shame that some people are not getting a cylinder of Rs 5,000 which they get in rupees.

Watch Full Video here

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