Finally, Mandy Takhar File A Legal Complaint In Fake Video Case

Mandy Takhar actress has finally boarded a complaint in the Morphed S*x video case. The FIR has been filed at the Sohna police station. The fraudulent video spread virally on August 27 after an abundance of social media sites and WhatsApp groups. While numerous believe Mandy Takhar is in the video, there meant others who wished to separate.

On Tuesday, Mandy Takhar ultimately filed a complaint under sections 67 (a), 67, 66 (e) of the Technology Act 2000 and sections 509 and 354 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. The Punjabi star is facing delays in taking action against this cybercrime.

Punjabi actress is disappointed with the way the video has gone viral, notwithstanding the fact that everyone knows it is fake,” Mandy signified quoted as saying. She is hoping for immediate justice and stopping this cruel crime because not every girl is as strong as she is.

Mandy Takhar Now With Legal Action

Mandy Takhar File Against Video

Mandy Takhar also said that after the video has gone viral, her family members were in trouble, although she was seeking to raise them. On the other hand, the heroine has come under talking for preventing action against cybercriminals. Even after her video reached viral, people have been following her changes and talking madness about increasing her songs and republishing her stories, where the industry looks to be reassuring her with the hashtag #crybercream.

Don’t forget, She also shared about this ‘serious’ crime. His position, in this case, was not strong and many wondered why. Mandy is a very powerful person in the Punjabi industry and many seem to her for inspiration. In fact, she is also a TEDx speaker, but in this case, she has disappointed a lot.

According to Amrit Mann’s story, wherever he appeared to promote Mandy, she wrote that step should be taken against such people, however, only about 2 weeks next a real complaint was filed against the accused, leading to the wonder of many. What he must do for so long!

Dear girls, in today’s digital world, a lot of people stand in the way of dangs, and posting our private lives on public platforms gives us an easy goal for such activities but that doesn’t mean you have to be scared. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.

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