Deep Sidhu Shared An Emotional Video. Said I’ve Been Abandoned

Punjabi Actor Deep Sidhu, nowadays who is getting his videos viral in various news media channels for the violence at Red Fort on Republic Day. But First, did you know that why Deep Sidhu is in trending news for the Red Fort case on Republic Day?

Here you will get to know each and everything which you must be aware of what’s going on in Farmer Protest. On 26 January Republic Day of India farmers were taking out their tractor rally, on the other hand, Deep Sidhu and a group of people reached Red Fort. Where Deep, other people hosted Nishan Shaib and Farmer Flag on Red Fort.

This topic has been gotten viral a lot and most of the time Godi Media Says this is only happened because of Farmer Protest and Farmers Leaders has initiated. Must Read – Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh Appealed to world Leaders & Justin Trudeau to condemn the violence, Immediately

On the other hand, Deep Sidhu doesn’t agree with this statement. Even Delhi Police has charged a file against Punjabi Actor Deep Sidhu and wants to arrest him. On 31st Jan he uploaded a video on his Instagram a shared a story.

“This moment would be even more beautiful if everyone supported the Nishan Sahib and the farmer’s flag on the Red Fort. But he said that Deep Sidhu, on his orders, impressed 5 lakh people entering the Red Fort.”

Deep Sidhu also said that it does not disturb him something the government and officials are telling about him, but he is discouraged and frustrated by the allegations that his people (farmers) are making against him. He declared that Bihar workers were working on our farms because they let them stay with them.

He could not hold back his tears as he said, I keep my heart and soul into promoting Sunny Deol for 20 days, but I never requested to anyone to vote BJP Party. Till now people are blaming me of being a member of BJP, RSS, and many more.

Although Deep Sidhu has closed the comments section of the video, the video is reaching a large scale and raising the question of who is really right and what is the real story behind what happened.

Now the question is Do you support Deep Sidhu or Not? Do Let us know your thoughts in Comment Box.

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