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Chaupal TV OTT Streaming Platform: Overview, Plans & Popular Shows

Many of us have heard the name of Chaupal TV OTT Platform. But most of us don’t know exactly what is Chaupal TV? In this post, we are going to share with you the question which is searching on Google.

Before we move ahead to make sure we know about OTT Platforms. OTT Platforms means that where we can watch a movie or web series from anywhere. Just we need a good Internet connection and a smartphone to stream online movies.

In India, There are only two OTT platforms that people are using mostly. The first one is Amazon Prime and the Second one is Netflix. You must have used this online streaming platform once in your life. If you are addicted to streaming online web series.

Before Pandemic we all love to go to movies in Cinema Hall but when Pandemic comes we all sit at home and started streaming movies or web series on smartphones.

What is Chaupal TV?

Chaupal TV is regional content OTT Platform for those who want to stream or watch movies or web series in their mother tongue, this OTT platform is made for them. Till now mainly focus on 2 Languages, First one is Punjabi and the Second one is Bhojpuri.

If you are from Punjab or you love to watch Punjabi movies then Chaupal has uploaded many Punjabi movies and web series which you can stream easily anywhere.

Next is the Bhojpuri language do you love to watch Bhojpuri movies then Chaupal has uploaded many Bhojpuri movies and web series which you can stream easily anywhere.

Now, I think you don’t have questions about this OTT Platform.

Devices On Which You Can Stream Chaupal TV

  1. Apple devices: Macs, iPhones, iPads
  2. Android: Fire TV devices, Android phones
  3. Windows PCs, Laptops, Tablets
  4. Apple TV, Smart TVs

Punjabi Web Series and Movies

  • Range
  • Seep
  • Panchhi
  • Waardat
  • Kala Shehar
  • Tunak Tunka
  • Jine Meirye
  • Zakhmi
  • Sajjan Singh Rang Root
  • Mr and Mrs 420 Returns
  • Munda Hi Chaida
  • Yaara Ve
  • Shikaari
  • Please Kill Me
  • Teri Meir Jodi
  • Miss Tania
  • Harjeeta
  • Jhalle
  • Dill Diyana Gallana

Bhojpuri Web Series and Movies

  • Adalat
  • Gadar
  • Gulami
  • Heri No 1
  • Humkumat
  • Entkam
  • Yaari Teri Yaari
  • Gobar Chatta
  • Yeh Hai Ranki Ki Hakumat
  • Lal Ishq
  • Nautanki Baaz

Chaupal TV Plans and Pricing

Chaupal is perhaps the best perk of Family Plan. The yearly Chupal TV plan is priced at Rs. 999, and you stream on multiple devices.

The best plan is priced at Rs. 799, and with this too, you can stream on multiple devices.

Last plan for monthly basis priced at Rs. 99, you can stream only with this plan only in smartphones and tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can use Chaupal TV at the same time?

Chaupal allows you to stream up to three videos from two devices at once.

Can I share my Chaupal account with my friends/ family members?

Yes, You can share your account with your friends and family members but it majorly depends on which Plan you have bought. I would you recommend you to buy Family Plan.

That’s all for today, I hope you get all your query answer related to Chaupal TV OTT Platfrom. If you have any question do let us know in the comment box.

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