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What Does the 🤍 White Heart Emoji Mean? Complete Guide to Use Correct

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Are you also looking for what does the 🤍 white heart emoji mean? When you text message a girl or male friend, and they suddenly send you a white heart emoji in WhatsApp, but you don’t know the meaning of it. I know how difficult it is to find the correct definition. Even I get confused when someone texts me msg on social media. We have mentioned the complete information about it. Just read the text below.

Let us share a White heart emoji used for love and affection to your partner. There is no one expects you in the world. A quick fact about the white heart emoji carried as part of Unicode 12.0 in 2019 and linked to Emoji 12.0 in 2019. There are Nemours colors available in heart emojis, such as red, black, orange, purple, and blue.

White Heart Emoji What does it Mean and How to Use It?

If you are also thinking while heart emojis mean and how to use in especially WhatsApp or Instagram apps. In this blog, we have shared the complete information. As I shared in the above paragraph white heart emojis mean to love and affection. It is also used for sharing Emojis to convey emotions of kindness and support.

White Heart Emoji Means

Rest there are serval things which you can use to share your feelings in a better way. Which can communicate for example sharing chocolate describing your desire and love for white chocolate and most vital it’s who you spend your whole life with them.

White Heart Meaning

A white heart mean a symbolic display of a loving heart, colored gray or white. It is mostly used to express love, and support with good ties, as well as an appreciation for white colors, such as white clothes or animals.

The white heart means emoji was accepted under Unicode 12.0 in 2019. In most ways, it appears as a light gray color that helps confirm its presence on the screen. Different platforms have a structure that helps the heart to move out. If supported emoji are displayed as spaces or other placeholder characters.

Unicode versionUnicode 12.0 (2019)
Complete nameWhite Heart
CategorySmileys & Emotion
How to write shortcode:white_heart:
Unicode (completely clarified)U+1F90D
Listed inEmoji Version 12.0
Points of the Hex Code1F90D
Code of the URL Escape%F0%9F%A4%8D

Different Types of Heat Emoji Meaning

There are serval types of emojis available on our mobile phone keyboards which we use to express our feelings we have mentioned each type of heart emoji.

Red Heart Emoji

Red Heart Emoji

Meaning: Real love.

Purpose: The red heart emoji uses to send to whom you love most and expressing the first love.

Black Heart

Black Heart Emoji

Meaning: Dark satire.

Purpose: If you have to express sadness or morbidity or want to sprinkle some humor.

Blue Heart

Blue Heart Emoji

Meaning: Confidence, unity, relaxation, and belief. It can also mean an external fellowship – like the one you’d send to a “bro.”

Purpose: The blue heart emoji uses to send to whom a great friendship and express you are with always love.

Purple heart

Purple Heart Emoji

Meaning: First Time Forever

Purpose: The blue heart emoji uses to send to whom a meet first time.

How can I use heart emojis on my social media posts?

If you are thinking, how can I use white heart emoji on my social media post when all you have to do is first type something in msg box or post status, then click on the emoji section? You will find various kinds of heart emojis. Select the heart emoji you want to use in your social media post.

Are Similar Emojis for Heart Emojis?

Yes, as I mentioned above there is much similar Heart emojis available on the keyboard like Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, White Black, and Broken Heart. All are heart emojis available on your mobile keyboard now it depends on how you can use it


I hope you like this post about white heart emoji mean and how you can use the white heart emoji in the correct way. If you have any queries relegated to it let us know in the comment box

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