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11 Most Loved Romantic Punjabi Songs Dedicated to Soulful Life Partner

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Over the last few decades, the number of true lovers has been increased, soulful boys and girls searching for a song which they can feel and enjoy it. Bollywood has also great songs but Pollywood media knows as Punjabi has a different taste than the audience really love and feel it.

Most of the time what happens when we want to say beautiful words to our life partner But it could be difficult for us usually to say those words the passion for another person. At that time we had no option to say anything incorrect or wrong which can hurt to solve this big problem. We all know that romantic songs have the power to speak intentions, emotions, and fondness effortlessly.  to soulful partner in a way that he/she can understand easily.

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to solve this a big problem we have created a list for those who aggressively searching for romantic Punjabi songs to express your emotion’s and feeling in a better way. With these love songs, you don’t need any words these songs will speak for you.

Without writing any more things, here we have added top 11 Punjabi romantic songs which are dedicated to your life partner

1 Pyar Diljit Dosanjh

Most who can understand and feel the Punjabi songs then there is no need to tell you who is Diljit Dosanjh. We all know who is he! Diljit Dosanjh Pyar was a was per-duper hit love song in the year 2016. If you are in a relationship in a newbie, then I recommend you to share this song with your life partner. Pyar song will tell you, soulmate partner, everything which you want to speak.

Dil Nu Tere Nal Pyar Kina Sanu Te Khen V Nahi Anda

2 Kalla Chann Sharry Maan

Sharry Maan a most renowned singer and actor of the Punjabi Industry. His songs really really mesmerizing Whoever will listen to his songs diffidently will be Fan of Sharry Maan. Kalla Chann’s song represents where a boy waiting for his girlfriend to meet her on the terrace. Every day both the soulmate meets each other. Where the boy tells her soulmate to compare her face to the moon. Which he wants to see every day.

Ajj Kal Kothe Utte Kala Chan Milda

3 Khaab Akhil

Khaab Akhil Song was released on the day of Valentine 14 2016. This Khaab was the first song of Akhil which made him a superstar of the Punjabi music industry. After Khaab Song his all songs going on super-duper hit. Well, If you aren’t able to tell anything to your partner with emotions then you must share this song must.

Dil tainu rehnda sadda chete karda Kise hor te na maare tere te hi marda

4 Love Story Harman Gill

Are you studying in school or college? If the answer is yes, then you must listen to this song at once in a day you will really enjoy and feel the pain in Love Story Song. You must share this song with your friends as well. Below this paragraph mentioned the song lyrics important words. This is my favorite romantic Punjabi song. Is it yours as well do let me know in the comment box?

Shayad Eh Love Story Hoyi Nahi The End Ji

5 Pheli Vaar Manvgeet Gill

Well, Pheli Vaar Song by Manvgeet Gill song also shows school life love between boy and girl. Where boy gets attracted to a girl when he saw her on 7 Class and after 12 the girl moved abroad without telling the boy.

Kehnde ne pyaar jihnu hoya yaar si Ohdon pehli vaar Jihde bina lagda na dil hunda si Na mill hunda si Bhaida aitwaar si

6 Pehli Mulakat Rohan Preet

Well, Pehli Mulakat Song by Rohanpreet Singh represents a girl when meets a boy how she feels and reacts. If you met with your boyfriend first time and want to show your emotion then you must share this song with a friend. Punjabi Romantic Songs

Thoda jeya tan main vi shy feel karungi, Ji halle pehli mulakat ae

7 Sakhiyaan Maninder Buttar

Sakhiyaan Song by Maninder Buttar represents a girl when meets a boy and wanted to say to you is the only one in my life. Don’t leave me alone at any time. I can’t live with you. If you are in the same situation then you must share this song with a friend. Is it Your Romantic Punjabi song as well?

Tere yaar bathere ne Mera tu hi ae bas yaara

8 Mere Wala Sardar Jugraj Sandhu

Well, If you have a boyfriend who wears a turban then 8 Mere Wala Sardar song by Jugraj Sandhu will be a perfect choice for you. This song shows that a girl who has her soulmate partner who cares about you every time. Send your hubby this Punjabi romantic songs.

mere wala jani khani nu ni takda howe sir nanga mera chunni nal dhakda guri tere jeha hor na koi milya

9 Aadat Ninja

Have you dedicated your life to your soul mate partner.? You can’t live your life with your loving soulmate. Are you not able to tell her/him? Aadat song will convey your msg to true love. Just share this song Aadat by Ninja Punjabi Singer.

Na tu waada poora kita Na tu chann hi lai aaya Mere kamle dil nu kyon

10 Haar Jaani Aa Mehtab Virk

Well, If you have a boyfriend most of the time say that I leave you and you don’t want that he shouldn’t leave you. If the answer is yes then this song is made for you. Haar Jaani Aa song by Mehtab Virk share with your true lover.

Jhatt aakh dinda tod deni yaari Othe fer main haar jani aa

11 Keh Len De Kaka

New Punjabi Singer Kaka his first song Keh Len De which made him a superstar of the Punjabi Music industry. Keh Len De Song shows that A boy really loves a girl but he unable to tell her. He tried everything to express his emotion but he can’t one day his friend tell a girl, My friend, really like you and started dating each other.

Dass ki kara tere te maraan Kehan ton dara keh len de


I hope you now get all the romantic Punjabi songs that you are searching for it. Want to add your song in this list? For adding your love song in this playlist you must comment on your favorite song name and singer’s name. We’ll definitely add your song in this list. I hope you love this article don’t forget to bookmark this page or share it with your family members who love to listen to Punjabi songs

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