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11 Best Punjabi Motivational Songs That Inspire & Motivate You

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In our life music is quite important there are some times or moments when we need songs which can inspire us to do our work in a better way. Even Reachers have proved that when it comes to complete our work in perfection than only Punjabi motivational songs we must listen to it. Motivational songs release dopamine chemicals in our brain a which feel us motivated and goal-oriented behavior.

When it to comes to the Punjabi music industry you will get their unlimited songs, which you definitely like. It depends on your mood and behavior. It could category as Punjabi romantic songs, Punjabi Friendship Songs and Punjabi Wedding Songs. Even Punjabi singers have divided their own category which there are experts in.

Are looking for Punjabi motivational songs? that can inspire you to achieve your goals in an easier way, especially gyms songs. Today, we are providing you 11 Punjabi motivational songs that will that inspire & motivate you every time and each day to face the day ahead.

 1. Thokar by Hardeep Grewal

Thokar song by Hardeep Grewal released in the year 2015 on Vehli Janta Records. Thokar song is one of the best and top-rated songs come in Punjabi motivational song. The lyricist’s name is Deepu Kakowalia which wrote the Thokar song. Well, If you can’t understand the Punjabi language just watch the full video then you will able to understand easily Thokar meaning and video concept.

Pehlan-pehlan kismat nakhre Karddi hundi aa, Torr dekh ke hiqq lokaan di Rarrdi hundi aa,
Tunka-tunka karke guddi chaddi hundi aa,

2. Success By Khushi Pandher

Success song By Khushi Pandher, this song represent to real life story of a boy. Who had aim to appear in Television show Mr- Punjab and won the show. Success song is dedicated to those motivated people who want to take a big risk in their life and achieve their goal. Success Punjabi songs relapsed in the year 2020 and viewed by more than 5 millions views on YouTube. Have you watched this Success song?

“Bebe Kolo Dekhi Struggle Ni Jandi, Lokan Kolo Jari Success Jani Ni”

3. Time By Virasat Sandhu

Are you also struggling in your life or chasing your time to prove yourself to everyone or your parents.? If the answer is yes, then you should listen to this beautiful song Time by Virasat Sandhu lyricist Goldy Manepuria both the superstar have done an amazing role in this song.

Trend Punjabi team really feel motivated whenever I listen to this song Time by Virasat Sandhu. Do you also feel the same which we feel? Let us know your thought in the comment box.

“Ho change samayan ch ohi naal hon’ge Maade samayan ch naal jo khade”

4. Game By Shooter Kahlon

Shooter Khalon is a newbie in the Punjabi music industry. The game song was the first song of Shooter Kahlon on 5911 Records YouTube Channel. This song shows that there is no one in your life who help you or support you to complete your dream. You are the only person who has to do hard work to achieve your goal.

“Nazar rakheyo nazar rakheyo ho ho
Hunn mere te nazar rakheyo”

5 Chote Chote Ghar by Ranjit Bawa

Chote Chote Ghar’s song by Ranjit Bawa is the story of the representation middle class of the citizens of India. Most people have only 2 either to continue blaming lack for our problems or to take the driving seat and improve the conformation of our future. 

“Ho chote chote ghar ‘an vichon uthe aan
Aje bohat agge jaake hatange”

6 Taqdeer – Nav Randhawa

Are people also laughing at you and not taking you seriously? You know your capability you have but your fellows and other people aren’t supporting you at you any time. You must watch this video of the Taqdeer song you will get to the real-life and how you can you complete your dream. Taqdeer song was released in the year 2019 and gained more than 3 million views on YouTube.

“Latt Kismat nu Jatt Pau Taqdeer Aap Jau,
O Vella Jad vi Aau Vekhi Tera Yaar Sira he Lau”

7 Le Chakk Main Aa Gya by Parmish Verma

Song Le Chakk Main Aa Gya By Parmish Verma was the most comes under the inspiring song of the year 2017. He made His story presents us to achieve that struggle is an inescapable part in the path to success. No big thing regularly comes easy. Challenges and pain are the only constants on the roadmap to success. 

“Aa le chak main aa gaya
Ho ikk kirpa meri maa di”

8  Manzil by Ranjit Bawa

Manzil song by Ranjit Bawa super forceful music speaks about a glorious future for those who are strong-minded people who want to achieve their goals at any point. Whenever you feel I need some energy you must listen to this song so, it will not only recall you that your aim is not too far but will also assist you in living focused.

“Ankhan kholo hun na dolo
Avein na jawani rolo
Jazba apne andaron tolo
Mehnat rang leyavegi”

9. Changey Din By Kambi 

Changey Din’s song video from Kambi is one of my preferred references of motivation video. It explains how the warrior gets chosen in the soccer crew after originally being rejected from Place due to some unfavorable reasons.

“Changey din bas dinaan di oh khed aa
Main lai aaune baanh phad ke”

10. Bulandiyan  by Hardeep Grewal

The information through this song is loud & transparent. If you have decided to accomplish something, nothing can stop you, not even your flaws. You need to be a focus on your goals. When it comes to choosing a motivational song then there is only one that comes in my mind Hardeep Grewal Singer.

His First song Thokar, Bulandiyan song Punjabi audiences and other people who can understand Punjabi language. They love Hardeep Grewal’s writing and singing style.

“Painda apne muqaddaran naal bhidna
Sokhiyan ni pauniyan bulandiyan”

11 Supne Ni Saun Dinde By Prabh Bains

In our playlist Supne Ni Saun Dinde song comes in 11 number by Prabh Banis. This song story shows that You are the peson who can do anything to complete your goal and present the true life of your dream how you can also achieve it. Without money you can build you dream.

Neet Sadaa Saaf Rakhi, Chete Main Aukaat Rakhi, Cheez Sade Karma Di, Kise Nu Khon Dinde,


Now it’s your turn to want to add your inspirational song in this playlist? Comment us your song name with the singer’s name as well. We’ll definitely add your song as well I hope you now get all the Punjabi motivational songs that you are searching for it. Stay connected with us for more updates

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