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Best Online Punjabi Typing Tool You Must Know

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Are you that a person who looking for online Punjabi typing. If yes then you are the right spot without wasting time, let get started. Best 5 site Punjabi typing test

  1. Branah
  2. Shri Waheguru
  3. India Typing
  4. Planet Punjabi
  5. LipiKaar

If you looking for Punjabi typing sites? these are sites which give you free of cost to write in Punjabi and type in Punjabi. I have experienced this first-time reviewed it. English to Punjabi typing site You can trust me.

This Punjabi Keyboard allows you to simply type Punjabi online without installing the Punjabi keyboard. You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to typewrite Punjabi letters with this online keyboard.

These English to Punjabi typing sites are helpful for students, teachers, college people, and content writers and Punjabi language learners as well.

Thes best thing about these online English to Punjabi typing which I like a lot is that these all free of cost you don’t have to download anything from play store and pay money to write your favorite article with typing in English.

Online Punjabi Typing

1st Branah

This is my favorite Punjabi typing site because when I visited this site. I got amazed. There is an amazing typing board, which allows you to type in only in Punjabi. The cons – are you can’t type in English you have type in only Punjabi. For those people who want to learn Punjabi and type in.

2nd Shri Waheguru

This is a second tool where you type can own content in English and get a result in Punjabi. Shri Waheguru is made for only Punjabi typing and this one of the trusted sites. The positive thing about this Shri Waheguru is while typing you don’t have particularly type in the Punjabi language. You can type online English and get typed automatically in Punjabi.

3rd India Typing

India typing is a trusted site for writing any content which you want to write. If you want to type Hindi, English, French Japness whether in Roman language as well. India typing will help you write your favorite content.

4th Planet Punjabi

Planet Punjabi is also known for as typing site. If you see the name then you get to know made for Punjabi purpose using only. This site has 3 features to translate your text easily without any problem. The first one is by speaking you can do it. 2nd is by Phonetic typing and 3rd Virtual Keyboard.

5th Lipikaar

Last but amazing is the Lipikaar site for online Punjabi typing. The best about this they give you an option for writing a bold text and save your writing text online without using any other software. The domain is Lipikaar which known for text.


These all are online English to Punjabi typing for students, teachers, college people, and content writers. I hope you like it if anything is concern about this article just type in remark box.

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