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Jaggo Pre-wedding Ceremony

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Jaggo: Hello friends welcome to you. In today’s article, we are going to learn about Jaggo Pre-wedding Ceremony, what’s the importance of this Jaggo Ritual In Punjabi weddings and how do they celebrate this ritual at Night. So let’s get started without any delay.

Jaggo Means – Wake Up start dancing and singing. Jago Ritual held on a day before the wedding both relatives whether it’s form Bride or Groom. Both relatives wake before a wedding night and visit different neighbors’ houses to celebrate the wedding and have fun dancing and partying.

Now it’s time for the Pot you have seen in various videos of Jaggo. Let us tell you how that process works. Bride/Groom (Mammi) will be carrying a pot on her head and the rest of the people will follow her star enjoying that night.

Jaggo Night: The best thing about the event is that people also sing Punjabi Boliyan, Punjabi Gidha, and Punjabi Bhangra which makes this ritual better than ever functions you have attended. Then return home immediately. The pot is then turned over the heads of all the members every few minutes to give everyone a chance to pick it up.

Jaggo Outfit

Whenever a wedding season comes we all get confused about which dress to wear for ritual. The same things happened for Jaggo Outfit ideas as well. We have made a complete list for ritual Outfit you may check out

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I hope you like the answer we shared in this article about Jaggo. If you have missed anything, you may feel free to comment.

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