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Film Batwara 1983 Talk

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Batwara Movie was one of the most thriving social family comedy films of its time. This strengthened the state of Punjabi cinema in the national film scene. It also authenticated Virender as a trusted actor and director, while Daljit Kaur and Meher Mittal enjoyed the star status of top leading actress and comedian with back-to-back hit films respectively. The film also gave the Punjabi film industry a dashing star-like Yograj Singh!

Batwara Punjabi Movie Cast – Directed, co-written and co-produced by Veerendra, ‘Batwara’ had Veerendra, Daljit Kaur, Mohan Baggad, Yogesh Chabra, Arpana Chaudhary,  Yash Sharma, Sudha Chopra, Ved Goswami, Surinder Sharma, Jagdev Nijher, Barkha, Pritam Singh, K Pappu, Diana, Mehar Mittal and Yograj Singh in lead roles. 

Veteran actor of the Punjabi industry Virender was an entire package. During his 15 year career, he has given us countless famous Punjabi films not only as an actor but also as a writer, producer, and director. Virender directed about 10 Punjabi films, of which ‘Batwara (1983)’ was one of his most acclaimed and successful films.

Batwara Movie

It was also Yograj’s first film. Virendra had met him socially and offered him a share. Both Daljit Kaur and Preeti Sapru were being considered for the lead female roles. After ‘Sarpanch’, Virendra wanted to replicate Preeti Sapru for ‘Batwara’ but the producers (Avtar Singh and Balwinder Singh) insisted on signing Daljit Kaur as she looked perfect as a Punjabi girl. . While Preeti Sapru will remain a misfit. So Daljit Kaur was signed on for the lead role. Warning 2 Movie Release Date Announces by Gippy Grewal

Virender wanted to sign Shammi Aunty for the role of Aunty. But she was busy with other films and was approached by Arpana Chaudhary. She was playing the lead role and was given a pivotal role in ‘Batwara’. The funny thing is that every one cried during an emotional scene of his character’s death. He later said, “You made me a wise man.”

Suresh Mudgal, now a well-known film director of Rajasthani films, had assisted in some Punjabi films including ‘Batwara’. Talking to Ghent Punjab, he talked about the shooting and location of the film. The film was shot in and around Jalandhar and was completed within a month. Locations for songs in and around Jalandhar were also decided.

Batwara Movie Cast
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One of the most important and significant points of the film was the fire scene in which Sudha Chopra (mother-in-law) sets fire to her daughter-in-law, played by Diljit Kaur. ‘Batwara’ was the first Punjabi film to have a fire action scene which was also shot in Jalandhar and not in Bombay! Suresh Mudgal revealed that the whole scene was handled by Mohan Bagar.

“(For the fire scene) I had a team, but in Bombay, you can get other safety equipment, the right clothes for the fire protection gas. We shot the scene in Jalandhar. The duplicate was one of the boys in my team. To shoot the scene. He was wrapped in banana leaves and bandages before the team was dressed in a wet blanket. The scene was done in a single take and the stuntman was unharmed and safe. The scene, which was supposed to be shot in Bombay, but we managed to do it in Punjab. ” Bagar told the team. 5 Punjabi Singers Who Hold a Degree In Engineering

Everything was arranged for Mamla Garbh Hai and we didn’t have any prominent women in the film. Uncle Virender told Papa that he could cast Daljit in his film while Batwara was shooting. The dates that Daljit Kaur gave for ‘Batwara’ were also being used for our film. Papa hired Daljit as the driver of the Ambassador’s car. When she needed ‘Batwara’, she would go to Jalandhar and after completing ‘Batwara’ she would return to Chandigarh to shoot ‘Mamala Garbh Hai’. Just imagine, there were no mobile phones and yet, there was no shooting schedule. Greetings to both Virinder Uncle and Daljit Kaur! My sister Barkha was also in the family. That’s why we often went for shooting. In fact, Barkha loved to pamper the set. S. Says Bhag Singh’s daughter Bano Pandita.

As Suresh Mudgal recalls, “Apart from Punjab, ‘Batwara’ was also a theatrical release in Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan”. Apart from this, Mohan Bagar says, “Loko Vadhya Gandse Naal”, “Surajmukhi De Phool Wargi”, “Mere Saikal Vichar”, “Ik Tere Wal Kale” were big hits at that time. Viewers were already excited about the film.

He remember the film had a trial show in Bombay. Dara Singh was very happy to see the film. He said that it is no less than a Hindi film. Varinder was called Manmohan Desai of Punjabi cinema for no reason. Were films. Interestingly, it also conveyed a social message. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

Batwara Flim Hilights

  • Released on August 12, 1983, the film received stiff competition from Hindi films like ‘Betaab’, ‘Jane Bhi Do Yaaro’, ‘Bandhan Kache Daagan Ka’, ‘Naukar Biwi Ka’ and ‘Farab’.
  • Actor Sukhjinder Shera appeared in the film in a short time. This was his first film.
  • Preeti Sapru was also considered for the lead role.
  • Shammi (Aunty) was finally approached for the character role played by Arpana Chaudhary. Batwara introduces actor Yograj Singh.
  • Virender’s wife Pammi (Parminder Kaur) did the costume designing for the film.
  • S. in the film. Bhag Singh’s daughter Barkha, his mother Kamla Bhag Singh also appeared in the film for a short time.
  • Director K Pappu appeared briefly in the film. The film also stars Balwinder Singh and Avtar Singh.
  • Meher Mittal’s daughter was also a part of the film in a short form.
  • Batwara’ was shot mainly in villages like Jalandhar and Phagwara, Goraya and Lehal Kalan, Dhadwal, Mukandpur and Dosanjh Kalan (Diljit Dosanjh’s village). Some scenes were shot in Bathinda and some in Mumbai.

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