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Top 5 Lines on Bhangra in Punjabi


Whenever someone talks about Punjabi’s the only things which we comes to in mind is that Bhangra. If you see the history of Punjabi dance then Bhangra loves by everyone. But here you will get to know some lines on Bhangra in let get started.

According to a story It is said that Bhangra was started by Punjabi farmers in the 14th or 15th century to celebrate the rainy season. As time went on, bhangra came to be used in almost all major celebrations like weddings or festivals in Punjab. Bhangra is danced to the beat of an oval, called a hole.

One of the other accounts of its origin is considered to be a community dance during the festival of Baisakhi in the 1880s.

5 Lines on Bhangra in Punjabi

  1. Punjabi Nahi Chup Chaap Ahunde Ne Te Chup Chaap Jande Ne.
  2. Punjabi De Dil Vade Te Khan Pin Ohh To V Vadiya.
  3. East Ho Ya Best Punjabi is Best.
  4. Je Tu Menu Kuch Khyaiya Te Mai Tenu Dasa Ga Nahi
  5. Raj Kare Ga Khalsa Aki Rahe Na Koi
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