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Know the Real Sonam Bajwa: How She Chose Sonam Preet as Her Name

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Sonam Bajwa a name that doesn’t need an introduction. In the business for the past ten years, she has become one of the most bankable actresses and proved her versatility through her many options.

In addition to acting in her role, the actress has attracted the attention of her fans through her activities on social networks. While fans are always up to date with her regular updates, many may be shocked to learn her real name.

The actress admitted that she was initially referred to Sanobar in childhood. The schoolmates would often call her ‘Sarovar’ or “Sarovar.” That is why the young Sonam would return home and fight with her mother over making her new name.

Sonam Bajwa

It was during Standard 1 when Sonam was begging her mom to alter her name. Thus, her mother offered her two names: Sonal and Sonam. Of the two options choices, she picked Sonam from the midst of nowhere, and later she chose Sonam Bajwa.

What is the place Preet has her roots? So, one afternoon, Sonam and her mother were out to get their passports. At this point, her mother instantly commented, “Ab Na Yahan Preet Lagayenge,” and was shocked Sonam was similar to ” Preet Kyun Lagayenge.” Also, read –Leonardo DiCaprio’s Peggy Ann Farrar Mother Is An Amritdhari Sikh

There is a reason this will cause you to be in an uproar. As an ordinary Punjabi mama, she made an adorable request; she was saying, “Punjab Vich Vyaah Ton Baad Na Fer Gharwale Da Naam Jehda Sir name Laguga However, I Preet Houga Tan Kishe V Ni Laguga. Neither Keep Bajwa Nor Your Husband’s Last Name..Eddan Hi Kyunki Bahut Problem Hundi Hai Naam Change Karvaun Layi Passport Vich”

That’s why her mother insists Sonam to use the name Sonampreet in every document she has, but she still has Bajwa as her name. However, when she was growing up, everyone laughed at her, asking if she had Preet before Sonam.

This is a sweet story, I think, isn’t it? What do you think about it? Don’t forget to share it with us via the feedback!

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