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9 Songs By Sidhu Moose Wala That Were Not About Guns, Violence, Or Politics

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Do you love to listen to Punjabi songs? and If you die heart fans of Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moose Wala, You must listen to these 9 Songs By Sidhu Moose Wala That Were Not About Guns, Violence, Or Politics. And those who say he promotes Violence and guns in his songs then must read this whole article. on it.

Sidhu Moose Wala was an icon who gave many superhit songs which earned him a lot of love from his fans and followers. Well, his songs made such an impact and impact that he reached the top of many international charts.

Well, despite enjoying this kind of fan following, a common misconception about Sidhu was that he only promotes guns, violence, and politics through his music, but contrary to popular belief we have a list of some of Sidhu’s super hit songs.

Dear Mama

By the way, this song must have been heard not only by the fans of Sidhu Musewala but by everyone. Ruling on any kind of social media, this song must have made everyone emotional because Musewala expresses pure feelings for his mother with whom we can all connect.


Sidhu has been very close to his parents, which he has proved time and time again. Thus, he released a path for his audience that was his devotion to his father. Beautifully written, this song is all he has for her and how he wants to take care of her.

As he always said he wanted to be with his parents.


The song talks about how one should not deliberately break someone’s heart as it causes a lot of pain and later regrets.


In the year 2019, Sidhu was so filled with love that it was his second romantic track in the same year after Sohne Lagde. The song was about a boy expressing his reason for choosing a girl.

Well, you definitely can’t miss the romantic video of the song.

Shone Lagde

It is one of a beautiful romantic songs of Sidhu. A huge hit for wedding presentations, this song is just about a girl who explains to a boy how they look together and he should be with her.

Caution: This is a super addictive song.

I’m Better Now

Well, when a relationship ends, it’s not all about breaking up, it’s about ending something good. It is also a mature idea that expresses a girl’s feelings as she moves on in life as she realizes that certain things get better when they are finished.

It’s All About You

This is probably Sidhu’s first romantic track featuring a girl who is in love. She is just telling her partner what their life is like and really about her.


This song should be super special as it marks Raja Kumari’s international collaboration with Sidhu.

This song is very sweet, romantic, and spiritual. The lyrics show how her boyfriend is different from her but still, she continues to be loved for her innocence and the positive qualities she possesses. BTW, Raja Kumari’s poem is icing on the cake!

Well, these were some of the tracks that prove that Sidhu’s music was not just about the glory of weapons and himself, and people think that he promotes guns and violence in his song. Let us know if we missed any songs to add to by Sidhu Moose Wala That Were Not About Guns, Violence, Or Politics this list.

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