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Sarbjit Singh Chadha Non-Japanese Enka Singer

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Sarbjit Singh Chadha is first ever non Japanese Enka Singer. He can speak Japanese Fluently. There is no apprehension that Sikhs have made history in many years. The Sikh community is known for its countless historical victories. Not only in India, but he has also made his mark abroad and also in Japan.

Unbelievably right? So, we will initially show you about Sikhs who created history by singing Enka, one of the most popular Japanese music genres in Japan, which is considered the genre of traditional Japanese music.

Most of us know only Punjabi speak Punjabi, Hindi, English and Urdu only language right But there is a person who can sing Japanese language as well. Sarbjit Singh Chadha is also known as ‘Odoru Maha Chadha’ (Dancing Maha Chadha) in Tokyo.

Sarbjit Singh Chadha Japan Story

Sarbjit moved from Delhi to Japan for agricultural training in 1968 and aspired to become a singer as soon as music inspired him. But he fronted many obstacles while living in Japan. The most prominent language barrier was. In Japan, people did not help him study the language. Must read, Jimmy Sheirgill His Wife Priyanka Puri’s Love Story.

Sarbjit Chadha questioned his teacher about why he did not learn English. In response, her mentor yelled at him and said that if she came to India to learn something, he would have to learn Japanese. In return, he could not say anything to his teacher. These were some minor challenges that he faced but it was a difficult life that made him hard and forced him to learn the language.

People Reaction on Sarbjit Singh

Sarbjit used to live in Fukuoka in the southern part of Japan. This is the part of Japan where he could speak with any foreigners are seen. Therefore, it was very strange for the personalities of Fukuoka to see an Indian and even a Sikh wearing a turban and a beard.

In an interview, he shared an incident, once when he was moving in a train and a female rat who was sleeping with his child, picked him up especially and showed to Sarabjit and said that look Sarabjit is causing something wrong just then he takes it extremely and says “I am not a bear” as he was learning Japanese by then.

Why He Choose Enka?

The simple reason for preferring Enka was that it spoke about life. Enka was a type practiced in Japan about 100 years ago when no one was supported to make political or other languages to communicate their views. So people used songs as a medium of expression. The songs had feelings of pain, separation, love, temperament, and whatnot. It started to improve in the years 1926–30.

And that was in 1975 when Sarbjit made his première under the joint venture company with the song “Omokage no Hito”, which was well-received by dealers of around 100,000 copies. But it was not as easy as it looks. To touch this point, he moved on to become a comedian from the famous Japanese television program Kinyō 10 Ji: Uwasa no Channel, where he met children. The show airs every Friday at 10 am.

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