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Karan Aujla Seems a Rising Punjabi Superstar

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As Punjabi music and movie, industry growing rapidly. There are many Punjabi superstars who are growing quickly. In this post we are going to look at Punjabi’s most trending singer Karan Aujla how did he become a popular Punjabi superstar.

You might know Karan Aujla’s real name is Jaskaran Singh Aujla alias is in the headlines these days due to his latest album ‘Bachtha Fukup’ or ‘BTFU’! But how much do you really know about the spirit of this song?

Karan Aujla Life

Karan Aujla was born on 18 February 1997 in Ghurala, Punjab. Born to father Balwinder Singh Jala and mother Rajinder Kaur, unfortunately, he lost both his parents when he was really young (only nine years old!). In an interview, the singer even said that he lost his mother to cancer and that the most difficult time in his life was when he was discovered.

Raised by his sister and uncle, Aujla attended his high school in Burnaby, Canada, and also worked part-time as a long-time sailor in Surrey, British Columbia.

However, very few people know that Karan Aujla was recognized long ago. When he was just in 9th grade, Au Jala met Guitar Sikhda’ singer aka Jassie Gill in a marriage ceremony. Aujla shared the lyrics of his song ‘Range’, which Aujla sang in his album ‘Replay’

Soon, he moved to Canada and wrote songs for many other artists, including Deep Jandu and Eli Mangat. However, it got its start in 2014 with the song ‘Cell Phone’, which was a commercial failure in association with Mac Benipal. In 2016, he released her song ‘Punjab Ki Sampati’, which earned her acclaim, and she started working as a guest artist in various songs.


Karan Aujla made headlines with his songs ‘YYaarian Ch Fikk’, ‘Unity’, ‘Alcohol 2’, and ‘Lafaafe’. But did you know that his song ‘Don’t worry’ changed his life?

He gained mainstream popularity in 2018 with the song ‘Don’t Worry’, which was her first song to make it to the UK Asian charts. After the lockdown, his singles including ‘Jhanjhar’, ‘Chitta Kurta’, ‘Red Eyes’, ‘Kya Baat Aa’, ‘Ya Hai Aa’, ‘Mexico’ and even ‘So Far’ , Put them on the charts and built them an even bigger fan base.

Everyone who has seen Karan Aujla’s music videos knows about his love for animals. So much so that most of his music videos feature some animals, whether it’s a snake in ‘Click That Be Kick It Eat’, a monkey in ‘Don’t Look’ or a tiger in his song ‘Sheikh’. ! In short, he is an animal lover and activist and he does not hide it!

In addition to animals, he is also fond of making tattoos. In 2019, he got his mother’s face tattooed on his right hand and he also got his father’s tattoo. In all, Jala has ten tattoos, including one in memory of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Shaheed Dham Singh, and several in memory of his parents. In January 2019, he married his longtime girlfriend in a private ceremony in Canada!

With the release of her album ‘BTFU’ and her growing popularity, Jala is at the peak of her career and hopefully, we will get to hear many more fan favorites like ‘Chitta Kurta’ or ‘Red Eyes’ in the future!

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