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241543903 Heads In Freezers | Know The Story Behind

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Whenever we need to search for anything on Internet we do Google then we get some link where we visit a web page and get our Answer. But when you do a search for the 241543903 number you will see a different type of search results.

When you search on Google 241543903 you will see the result type is filled with images of heads in Freezers. To know more about the story behind of number you are on the right post. We have given all the information so stay tuned.


Story Behind 241543903?

You might have seen different stories and pictures of heads in freezers of searching on Google. There are plenty of articles that tell you some stories and some websites will tell you a different story.

The Head Inside the Freezer image originally started on 6 April 2009, when a well-known American craftsman David Horvitz posted on the informal organization Tumblr an image with his head in the freezer and the title “241543903”.

When David shared the head in freezer image on social media networks people started wondering, what the real number mean and he has given instructions on his social media account as well below given instructions:

  • Let’s try an experiment with Google search results.
  • David Horvitz Taken a picture with head in freezer and shared with a random number #241543903 on Tubmblr platfrom
  • After this he tell to his community to do the same thing
  • Next let’s see the result.

Next month people starting copying these trends and became popular in Brazil country.

The best thing this meme got famous in Decmber 2010. Many of post get viral since then. Thousand of people shared images in social media networks with heads in the freezers. And since people going to search on Google.

Why number 241543903?

You might be thinking why David Horvitz lives in Brazil choose that number. One of his friends was having a headache and suggested he put his head in the freezer.

The number 241543903 is combination David’s refrigerator’s chronic number and the standardized identifications on bundles of soba noodles and edamame, which were in his cooler around then.

241543903 Images – Heads in Freezer

Here are the best images of heads in Freezer that got viral on social media networks. let look it below.

freedge number google


So friends, you have learned what is about 241543903 in the article. Connect to this number and the answer to all these questions is the same Associated with David. Hope you liked the article. Comment us if you like ‘Please tell me. Share it with your friends.

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