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Cost of Living in Canada Especially for Indian Students 2022

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Most Indian students who want to study abroad in Canada? Have a question in their mind is that, what is the cost of living in Canada for Indian Students? Well if you are looking for the same questions then you are in the right place. Here will only tell you only these things.

Many of the Canadian Universities and tuition fees are less. As compared to other countries Like UK, Australia and many more. The most important reason is that most Canadian universities are government funded. Although International students have to pay higher fees than their Canadian students. Government funding secures it possible for international students to study in Canada.

In some cases, the cost of living in Canada may be lower. For example – A student meets the criteria for Scholarships and financial assistance then it is easier for Indian Student to live in Canada at lower price as compared to other student spends on their living of cost in Canada.

Popular Cities VS Suburban areas

As you go anywhere in the world or cities, the cost of living in urban centers is higher than in suburban areas. Numerous scholars favor on-campus housing, which may not regularly be the lowest cost option, but assuredly the most convenient.

Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive cities to live in Canada, with Toronto wanting affordable house rent, the cost is the highest beyond and continues. While choosing your dream universities and province plays a vital role to decide the living cost in Canada.

Although tuition fees can vary widely across Canadian universities and colleges, their placement in the country will also be affected. The table below shows the overall cost of living in several Canadian provinces.

Below this I have mentioned  top 10 most nominal cities to think about when planning your move to Canada.

CountryCost of living Canada (single person)Cost of living Canada (Indian Rupees)
Thunder Bay, Ontario$2,010₹117205.19
Moncton, New Brunswick$1,882₹109741
Québec City, Québec$1,855₹108166
Guelph, Ontario$2,196₹128051
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario$2,162₹126068
Kingston, Ontario$2,375₹138488
London, Ontario$2,150₹125368
Abbotsford, British Columbia$2,400₹139946
Montreal, Ontario$2,350₹137030
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island$2,050₹119537

The price which I have mentioned above it can be change but we assured that you will get prices up-to-date. Now you might be looking for other expensive for live in Canada.

Above mentioned expense doesn’t include student expense the student fees and including accommodation and travel as well. For those international students who want to take an estimate or rough idea they can also read this article, by this you will get to know an estimate expense to spend in Canada.

As per the resources Trend Punjabi get an estimate price for annually will be somewhere between CA$10,500 to CA$16,172. This expense are related to urban cities like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

  • Public Transport 1 Way: $4 – $5
  • Standard Restaurant Meal (Individual): $10 – $15
  • Movie ticket: $12 – $13

Calculated least yearly living costs for a single person (excluding tuition fees)

Student fees    $750
Books and Stationary   $600
Personal and Household Expenses $2500
Entertainment $612
Housing and Food Costs$12500
 Basic Health Cover $800

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