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4 Common Things Between Punjabi And Sindhis!

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Well, the title of this blog may confuse you because Sindhi and Punjabi combination is something we can’t even imagine and forget the similarities!. All those people who live in India may this there couldn’t be anything similarities or common about Punjabi and Sindhis.

Every region or culture has importance in their life. But have we ever thought about there could be common things about Punjabi as well?

Common Things Between Punjabi and Sindhis

But let me tell you, both Punjabi and Sindhis communities can be high five on so many grounds! Proceed to learn more.

Common Things Between Punjabi And Sindhis


Punjabi and Sindhi both have an endless love for their food and culture which one cannot even imagine. Rather, food is an important part of both the cultures and interestingly, some of the food items are Lassi, Sarson ka Saag, Groundnut (Mufli) and many more are famous in other cultures.


Yess! Don’t be surprised but both Sindhi and Punjabi languages are Indo-Aryan languages. Thus, have many similar words like ‘Kithey’ (Where), Meenh (Rain), Panjaah (Fifty), Sattar (Seventy), and others.

In fact, the pronunciation of these words is also the same


Before you start scratching your head, let us tell you that both communities take 4 pheras (circles) during the holy ceremony.


We all know how big-hearted Punjabis are but Sindhis are no less. Everyone is aware of the humanitarian work done by the Punjabi community on the basis of langar and other works, but very little is known about the charitable work done by the Sindhis.

Sindhis also do great work in the service of people belonging to caste or religion. As such, both are among the most liberal groups in the country.


I hope you like this post about Common Things Between Punjabi And Sindhis. If you think we missed anything do let us know in the comment box.

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