Thursday, June 1, 2023

Canada Announced Their Offical Language Punjabi

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In Canada, Punjabi has over a 668,535 Population. This is a huge number. After Four years Canadian parliament has confirmed that know their official language is Punjabi including English and French. In Candian Parliament, there were 20 selected Punjabi speaking candidates, 18 are Liberals and two are Conservatives.

There were 14 Male and 6 Female members, who took judgment. The Canda Prime Justin Trudeau has created ripples with his comprehensive management of oppositions, Specially Punjabi People Sikh. He said I have more Sikhs in my Candian Parliament than Nardermodi.

In India, there are 4 Sikhs in the cabinet and I have more Sikhs in cabinet-level positions. The Sikh has hardly 2% community in both the places. Punjabi community has a long history, especially in Canada country.

Why the Punjabi language implemented as an Official language of Canada?

It all began with the 19th October 2015 general polls when 23 MPs of Indian origin held selected to the House of Commons in Canada, out of which 20 were Punjabi speaking. The selected 20 Punjabi-speaking MPs are true legislators of the state, notwithstanding being from a different ethnic foundation. The 4,60,000 native Punjabi speakers create 1.3% of Canada’s people and the great news is that the 20 Punjabi-speaking MPs form 6% of the House of Commons.

Before this, there was 2 only the official language of Canada Country. The first one was English and the Second one was French. These languages were much popular in Canada. because they have numerous people who speak these lang. after a few decades, the Punjabi community had started working there. and made there a different style. Slowly in Canda’s official third language, Punjabi establish. Sikhs have done a lot of hard work there to build a better country. that’s how now Punjabi language has become the official language of Canada No doubt this is a huge salute to Punjabi People.

What are the contributions Punjabi community in Canada?

There are numerous contributions that had done by the Punjabi / Sikh community in Canada here are some points that I have mentioned below.

  • Sikh Community believes in pluralism, kindness, self-reliance, and a will to overcome misfortune to live a more satisfying life.
  • Woked in Police Departement with True Intentions
  • In some cities, the influence and contribution of the Sikhs are the majority. Punjabi British Columbia is now available as an educational course in fifth grade using the Punjabi language curriculum.
  • Nagar Kirtan and Vaisakhi programs in Canada.
  • In World War I, Sikhs fought for Canada. A chance discovery of Pte.
  • The Sikh community is represented in all professional fields, whether medical, legal, technical or educational in Canada.

These are the few contributions that have tried by the community. If you any other let us know in the comment box.

Top 3 Most Spoken Langauge in Canada

Canada has a gigantic square fit area. It comes position 2 with all over the world. but there are many spoken languages in Canada here are top 3 Languages in Canada


We all know English is quite a popular language all over the world. Most of the people can understand it. The data comes from Canada, 95% of people can understand English there.

2. French

Another official lang there is French. Most of them speak Canada especially not in Quebec They have major people who speak the French language.

3. Punjabi

The third most spoken language in Canada is now Punjabi. Yes, it true. After announcing Canada’s official language Punjabi it got increased by 10%.

Do you have any idea about which language is the most spoken in India?

In conclusion,

This is now final Canada announced Punjabi as Offical language After English and French, Punjabi became the third most spoken language in Canada.

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