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Burail Fort Chandigarh: Noone Will Rember This


The modernization of our cities has resulted in the slow and silent death of our history. Burail Fort in Sector 45, Chandigarh is one such example.

The fort, built during the Mughal period more than 350 years ago, is now lost in the bustling streets of a busy city. The fort remained under the control of the Mughal faujdar till 1712 AD. Did you know that the foreman kept every newly married woman with him for a few days before sending her back to her husband?

The people here complained to the Sikh warrior Banda Singh Bahadur against him and he sent an army of Sikhs who managed to liberate the fort but died fighting the Mughal troops.

Now, only three of the fort’s four towers stand. Over time, the government’s indifference led to the construction of houses inside the fort walls and its towers.

Did you know that some time ago the Archaeological Survey of India was unaware of the existence of the fort?
The only reminder of the history of the fort is that there is a gurdwara built in its memory in Sector 44, Chandigarh.

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