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AllData Repair and OEM Services Customer Reviews Pricing 2021

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All right, As we’re going to tell you each and everything about Alldata and Is it really beneficial for our car? Or is it a waste of us. Here you will get to know the Alldata repair system and OEM. What are the steps you need to take to buy these services?

ALLDATA has the repair that is all of the OEM factory direct repair information. That all data is known for the community is a database of over 100 thousand questions of suggested and verified repairs. There is also a quote tool that allows you to build a basic quote with labor times and parts on there to distribute to your customers. It also can tie in with your Autozone account to be able to pull parts from there so.

As we go in I’m going to click on the repair and the first thing. we need to do is to select the vehicle down the right-hand side you had the last several vehicles that we’ve looked up in the past.

We can drill down to the year make and model to find our engine combination. In the search bar type in your VIN number of the vehicle or type on the type.

In what you’re working on, so if we’re working on a 2011 Ford f-150 that. Will bring all your engine packages down below to select and if we want to give it a little bit more information.

let’s say it is a four-wheel-drive truck that will eliminate more giving us the four-engine combinations for that year.

AllDATA Explain

let’s go ahead and select ALLDATA pro 6.2 liters and now we’re in the meet of the information on this Ford f-150 some navigation tips around the screen, in the upper left if you need to go look up a new vehicle. You have to change vehicle button bookmarks great total utilize so if you’re working on multiple vehicles at one time you can bookmark the page that you’re on to save it.

I recommend a three to four-minute rule if you can’t find it. Within that have your team stop select the library request button. There’s a quick form you just simply tell us what you need. We’ll get you that information back to you very quickly another awesome tool. That all data is put into the all data repair solution is the conversion calculator. Just simply just helps you with your math to convert torque from foot-pound to inch-pound inches to millimeters etc.

The other thing that, I recommend every time you pull up a vehicle is to go into the community right below the search bar within that community. Those are where technicians have posted questions challenges that they’ve had maybe you’re working on the same issue.

You’re looking for that way the service tables give you a great way to drive some additional revenue. As you’re able to provide the customer with detailed information of what the manufacturer recommends that the different mileage intervals. TSB is always a great resource to look you might find some updates. That says Ford put out in this case that would be beneficial to you different things and the diagrams.

These are a great tool we’ve always had the OE diagrams for as long as all data’s been around but recently. We’ve added the interactive color wiring diagrams I’m going to click into the diagram and now under the diagram header. Let’s explore the interactive color wiring diagrams so as we click into the diagram.

It’ll give us a drop-down of all the available diagrams in interactive mode. And let’s go in and select instrument cluster no at this point. We’re just looking at them as visual nice clean color diagrams. But as we click onto one of these it takes us into the multi-page view. In interactive mode at this point. We’re able to we can zoom in slide around the diagram zoom out. We’re drilling down and locating the wire.

We’re gonna be working on too you can isolate that simply by clicking on that wire. And the next thing is it’s gonna highlight all the way across the multiple pages. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 page 3 page 4 page is going to do that for you and also you’re able to isolate and highlight the components as well.

When you have a really busy diagram you’re able to down at the bottom hide. The wires so any wires that you have not highlighted will dim out cleaning up that diagram for you. I’m going to close that out and go back to our main vehicle page now easy ways to find information there are three easy ways.


Alldata Repair

I like to use is going directly through the parts and labor so we go click on parts and labor we have a nice large list of all the components. In that vehicle but we’re gonna utilize that search bar and let’s look up a water pump. Say we’re having to replace. that for a customer so as we search that out.

We click on the water pump because we went for parts and labor that’s what we’re getting. We’re getting the OEM part number with the national average dealership retail price for reference. It’s recommending that a be level tag should be able to get that job done in about 1.1 hours no since.

In that article and also if there happens to be a technical service bulletin. You can explore that and see that four did have a TSB regarding the water pumps, so just within a few clicks. You’re able to get all of that information. I’m gonna go back to the main vehicle page and utilize the search bar. Now if we start typing in water pump into the search bar.

We’re gonna get results with the same colorful symbols to indicate the different sections. Such as the parts and labor service and repair. If I click on the coolant pump slash water pump from service and repair. It’s gonna take us right back to the article. We were just at for that procedure and all of that related information is in the right.

Just like before giving you easy access to it. Now heading back to the main vehicle page. Some quick reference material that a lot of shops use on a daily basis. You can find it under the maintenance tab. Such as fluids always want to double-check the types of capacities for that oil change. So we can go right down to that so from our engine oil. And then find the types and capacities and that’s going to give us. That the 5w 20 that ford recommends for this engine and at the bottom. You’ll find the capacity of these 6.6 liters or 7 quarts.

We continue to drill down to the disk brake systems. Now we have all the components to that system as well and that’s going to the brake pads now. Just like with the water pump previously you have different categories here. We’re right back there so we now can find the parts of Labor article for that again with the OE parts in national average price. I recommended labor times for the different components on the brakes as well as related information.

Such as the removal and replacement. We’re just going to continue to drill down to get to where we’re going. Now we have the procedure for the removal and replacement of the brake pads again mechanical specifications. Any tips that are related to the related information list. May be longer or shorter depending on what you’re working on.

AllData Pro Customer Reviews

Nobody’s happy when their car breaks down. People don’t know anything about cars. They trust us to fix their car and explain it to them and do it the right way. With collision, repair technology is actually growing faster than shops can keep up. ALLDATA basically helps us diagnose cars quicker – get the cars repaired where we can service more customers.

It makes it easier for me as a Tech to figure out. What the problem is, what the parts cost, what to charge, and how to look it up. It’s excellent! That way your car count is as high as you can possibly have it. More cars equal more money. I use ALLDATA pro for everything.

We use it for everything. Two parts of ALLDATA we use. One is Manage, which is the customer database, receipts. It keeps a log of all the work we did for the customers and repairs. Information is key these days to figure out cars. ALLDATA pro is on top of you know, giving the information you need.

It’ll tell you what OEM specs are so if you have to put a rotor on. It’ll tell you what the minimum and maximum thickness of the rotor has to be. The tech hotline is very simple. You know, you use a phone and call them. They can live stream and they can show you different components. It’s nice to have another tech on the line to throw things back and forth and to help out.

Before this scan tool came out, we were getting the codes and then running to a land-based computer. ALLDATA is a tool that is required. Because you must know each manufacturer has specific statements, stating this component cannot be repaired, this component can be repaired. And they must use ALLDATA to obtain the information as to how this component actually comes off the car, how the new component actually welds to the car.

They pick up the phone and they help us. I’ve learned by using ALLDATA, it is easy to search for things. It makes my job a lot easier. I do not think I could run this shop without using ALLDATA.

Frequent Asked Question Web For ALLDATA Company

Can I Use ALLDATA For Free?

Yes, You can use ALLDATA for 5 Day Trial which is absolutely free. You just need to visit the official site and you need to fill the signup form and the details which they have asked in the question after that you can use Free Version.

Which one is best plan for ALLDATA Pricing?

There are 3 plans are available for a customer which you can choose according to your requirement. What I would recommend you ALLDATA Collision plan which would you beneficial for most of the user.

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